Our First Little Compost Bin

Our first attempt at a compost bin. January 2017


One of my first goals of 2017 was to begin composting.  It was something that I had been wanting to do ever since we built two raised garden beds in our backyard 3 years ago.  It was the spring I was pregnant with my second child and my oldest was only a year old.  I had previously had a garden a few years prior where I lived at the time.  The first garden did really well, I grew cucumbers, several varieties of tomatoes and peppers and even had a very small crop of okra.  The raised beds have only been planted once, that first year and I’m sad to say have not been cultivated since.  My husband and father in law put them together as a late birthday present and my husband went down to the local hardware store and purchased manure and dirt to fill it in… Wow! what a chore that was for him! I, being 4 months pregnant at the time, was busy chasing the 1-year-old and not really much help that year. Unfortunately, that year we did not have bumper crops and we have not committed ourselves to making a garden happen in the meantime.  This year, I am determined to plant something, even if it is just tomatoes!  The lesson I learned from that initial planting in raised beds would be this… compost! Dirt and manure can add up quickly and when you are trying to keep costs to a minimum, well we know re-using everything is huge. I sometimes save food scraps for things like making my own broths and I generally try to cook as freshly as I can so this was something I knew would be doable.


So yesterday after church and lunch the whole family stopped by Tractor Supply and bought a roll of hardware cloth and used wood grade stakes leftover from a previous project.  My first dose of honesty, when I was at the store I may or may not have been distracted by the boxes of chicken coops in the corner, therefore paid no attention to the length of mesh we bought actually was… skip to we get home and we have planned to make a large rectangle compost bin.  I open the mesh and roll it out, womp womp womp it was only 5 ft. in the package.  So I had been Pinterest searching looking at different pins about DIY you own compost bin and on the fly we made major adjustments making a circle “barrel-like” compost bin, similar the one shown in this tutorial from Mother Earth Living.  Moral of the story, plan ahead and pay attention to details.  I think for a little bit of work, some resourcefulness and $10, we did good! I am quite proud of our first family project of 2017!!



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