Winter Weather + Lots of Cooking


Here in Arkansas it’s a running joke that you can go through all four seasons in 24 hours but truly, it happens!  We had our first taste of winter last week with a little snow and temperatures in the teens.  This week we are expected to be in the 60s… and to be honest, I say bring on the warm.  In theory, I love winter but realistically one day of snow and I’m happy to move on to spring!


All together we received maybe an inch or so of snow here where we live which was just enough to do a little sledding, make a snow angel and everyone was happy.  My kids, ages 3 and 4, do not last long when its 20 degrees outside, and neither do I, so about the time gloves start getting wet we move back inside for hot cocoa and a second pot of coffee.  Something about snowy days and being snuggled up inside screams bring on the comfort food!  Of course, it begins with pancakes, bacon, fried eggs and fruit because it takes lots of energy just to get dressed to play in the snow, let alone actually do it!  Followed by a batch of cupcakes because we would hate to get low blood sugar, plus it’s the time of year that we do double duty by firing up the oven.

Now I have to share what was my favorite part of the entire day!  I am completely in awe of this lady named Vivian Howard.  Last fall she released her first cookbook Deep Run Roots and she also has a show on PBS called A Chef’s Life the I am not ashamed to admit that I have watched in its entirety twice!  I love everything she does and admire her work more than I can express.  I actually drove to Memphis back in October for a book signing and she was just as wonderful in person!  So far, I have made her recipe for Scarlett’s Chicken and Rice on 6 occasions that I can count and it is delicious every single time!  It’s my goal to cook my way through her book and eventually make everything at least once.  For me, cooking that recipe for dinner was a great way to end a cold winter’s day spent with my little family.

I would love to hear all about how your family is spending their winter days and would love for you to share your favorite cold weather foods in the comments!!


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